High-pressure hoses are one of the most common types of hoses we use, and they are used throughout the country, even the world. Everyone knows his use of high-pressure hoses, but the problems for him are endless. Below we will explain through three aspects, we will pay more attention to such problems in the future […]

Hose use matters needing attention: Due to the complex and diverse structure of hoses and the different conditions of use, the service life of hoses depends not only on the quality but also on the correct use and maintenance. Therefore, even if the product has a very high quality, if it cannot be used and […]

Hydraulic rubber hose are generally divided into Wire braided hydraulic hose and Spiral wire hydraulic hose. 1. Hydraulic rubber hose structure: It is mainly composed of liquid-resistant synthetic rubber inner rubber layer, middle rubber layer, multi-layer reinforced layer and weather-resistant synthetic rubber outer rubber layer. The inner rubber layer has the function of carrying the medium under […]

Tianjin Henghua pipeline technology co., LTD is located in Tianjin a city of the most economic vitality in northern China, Henghua is a high-end mechanical series product manufacturing company which concentrates on design, research, manufacturing and marketing services with independent research and development center, use advanced manufacturing technology, strict implementation of relevant international standards, advanced engineering design methods, according to […]