High-pressure hoses are one of the most common types of hoses we use, and they are used throughout the country, even the world. Everyone knows his use of high-pressure hoses, but the problems for him are endless.
Below we will explain through three aspects, we will pay more attention to such problems in the future to avoid such a situation.
First of all, if the hose is stored for too long in a cold environment, it is likely to cause cracks in the outer layer of the high-pressure hose.
Secondly, if it is not used properly in the application, the outer layer of the high-pressure hose will probably exhibit a large amount of bubbling; therefore, if the quality of the high-pressure hose produced is not good, bubbling will also occur.
Again, the high-pressure hose has a large amount of oil leakage, but it does not crack. This is because when the inner diameter of the high-pressure hose flows through the super-high pressure liquid, the inner rubber will be washed away, scratched, and the steel layer will be exposed in a large area.

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